• Toilet flush system repairs
  • Bathroom drainage unblocking & repaicement
  • Down lights repairs & replacement
  • Mains plugs & switches repairs or replacement
  • Bathroom taps and fittings repairs or replacement
  • Tiling repairs & Silicone sealant replacement
  • Tiling repairs & Silicone sealant replacement
  • Door trimming & repairs
  • Wooden door structural repair
  • Rotten garage door restoration
  • Garage door structural repair
  • Exterior painting red & white
  • Rotten woodwork restored & painted, concrete base repaired
  • Exterior painting to high standard
  • Steelwork trimming
  • Carpentry
  • 2 fence posts replaced into concrete base
  • Brick column structural repair
  • Complete replacement of all fence posts, new gate frame, fence restored & painted, brick wall repaired
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About me


Born 1971 in Czech Republic,

previously lived 10 years in Germany and since 2005 in UK London.

I speak: Czech, English, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Slovak.


Over period of 3 years I was working as subcontractor

for "Silver Saints" London's premier handyman service


Now I have decided to concentrate on my own business only,

in order to have more flexibility and scope for higher quality of workmanship

and honest customer service.







Self employed professional handyman, trading as JBL Multi trade


Experienced Electrician, Plumber and Joiner. 


Excellent troubleshooting capability.

Common sense for ingenious solutions.

Exceptional attention to detail and aesthetics of design.

High quality of workmanship for long lasting results.

Always happy to advice and recommend in best interest of clients. 






January 2022

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Public Liability  

up to £1.000.000

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