• Toilet flush system repairs
  • Bathroom drainage unblocking & repaicement
  • Down lights repairs & replacement
  • Mains plugs & switches repairs or replacement
  • Bathroom taps and fittings repairs or replacement
  • Tiling repairs & Silicone sealant replacement
  • Tiling repairs & Silicone sealant replacement
  • Door trimming & repairs
  • Wooden door structural repair
  • Rotten garage door restoration
  • Garage door structural repair
  • Exterior painting red & white
  • Rotten woodwork restored & painted, concrete base repaired
  • Exterior painting to high standard
  • Steelwork trimming
  • Carpentry
  • 2 fence posts replaced into concrete base
  • Brick column structural repair
  • Complete replacement of all fence posts, new gate frame, fence restored & painted, brick wall repaired
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My rates & terms

# No call out charge and no VAT charged.

# Minimum charge is for 1 hour.

# All repair work is charged by time. 



- Initial 1 hour at £50   / * Cash only £45

- each following HALF hour at £20  / * Cash only £17.50

- Day rate 6 hours at £240  / * Cash only £210

* This includes also plumbing and electrical work undertaken by me


Materials* & parking fees / or congestion charge (where applicable) will be added to bill

*Parts are sourced locally as required during visit (time still charged).



CASH at the end of visit (* promotional discounts available)

CARD payment on site (mobile card terminal accepting all major Credit and Debit cards)


BANK transfer within 7 days (only available for my regular trusted customers) 

INVOICE** for business clients (subject to variable admin fee )

* Invoices payable within 7 days = 5% admin fee. 

** Invoices payable within 14 days = 10% admin fee

*** Invoices payable within 21 days = 15% admin fee



- Please send me your list of tasks (if possible with some pictures), or we can discuss over the phone.

- I will give you my best estimate of time and cost involved


If you require Fixed Price Quote  (available ONLY for large jobs, NOT for multiple small tasks), 

I will need to survey onsite, take measurements and discuss requirements.

- Best if you book me for some smaller job (minimum 1 hour charged)

 ... and while I am there, I'll do FREE survey to quote.


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